tirsdag den 22. januar 2013

Hair corlor cool or ogly?

Are people who color there hair pretty ? No! I don't like hair color.. An then you wanna know why ? Because naturly color it's beautiful and w people are realy dome we destoy usselfs and prabably our kids too, and somebody don't even know to use it so they color their hair blue, red or pink, in my head it don't make sence...

lørdag den 19. januar 2013

Justin Bieber

I wonder why a lot of guys hate the teenage pop sensation, Justin Bieber? Maybe is pride, jealousy or just because their freinds hate him Why? It's the question. I admit i listen to some of his songs for me hs's just a boy who sings and impress a bunch of girls, i don't have a problem with him. He has only made 2 okay not good but okay ("Never say never") and ("Never let you go"), maybe they hate him because he dated Selina Gomez ?

Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir is a norwegian black metal bad from 1993. i don't like AT ALL, i realy use to like rock music but then i heard one of their song and i was sad. It's just a lot of noise an you can't not even understand their lyrics why do people make that kind of music ? Why do people listen to this kind of music ?

About me and my blog

Hey peepes as you se my name is Christian Karekezi, on my blog I will tell my opinion about a lot of things i like, things i don't understand and things i don't like. And sometimes i will show videos of my crazy life..